Simon of Thrones – App Re-Released!

Our first game (second App), Simon of Thrones has been re-released (before applying some patching and complying with Google policies)

Have fun, test and improve your memory skills with Simon of Thrones!
The gameplay is based on the classic Simon game, but with more game modes to play it with up to 3 more friends to test your skills in real time.


  • 5 Different game modes. We all know the classic Simon game, this time just play Simon of Thrones your way, up to 4 players!
  • Many leaderboards. Get into them!, show other people what pure memory skills are!
  • Share button. Share your highest scores with your friends easily. Who will be the best?
  • Whistle mode. This is an experimental feature we plan to improve in the future, but it’s a really funny one. Why not sing or whistle every note belonging to each button instead of clicking them?. Enable it and have fun!

You can now download it COMPLETELY FREE at Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

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