Nutritional Values Released!

Our first app, Nutritional Values and Nutritional Values Pro (no ads) is released.

Find all the nutritional information you need over almost any food!.
Nutritional Values is useful to prepare diets, as educational tool or just to sate our curiosity about the food we eat.


  • Reliable data: Based on the latest study of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), release 26. The most thorough study about food nutrients.
  • Configurable amounts: Select the quantity of the food you want to check it’s nutritional facts. Customizable gram by gram.
  • Multilingual: Although the original language of the study is English, we’ve translated the interface and part of the database to 6 different languages to achieve a simpler and friendlier handling. The available languages ATM are: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.
  • Thorough data: Access to more than 40 types of nutrient for every single food in database. From carbs and fats to vitamins and rare minerals.
  • Custom search and filtering: Looking for foods rich in a particular nutrient?. With this app you can sort all foods from higher to lower source of every nutrient available.

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